World Famous Ultra Soft Bumper for Roomba, Neato, Mint and Scooba Robotic Vacuums!

We all know these robots do a great job on floors, but now we made them even better for your family and furniture. Sold the world over, Robot Add-Ons silk-like two stage bumper cushion lets your favorite cleaning robot glide along your furniture and walls with tender loving care while reducing bumper noise. Attaches to your existing bumper in seconds and provides long lasting protection for your family and your home. Works with all Roomba series, Scooba, Neato, Mint, Dirt Dog, Karcher and Samsung robots.

Mint NorthStar Cube, Room 2

The Room 2 Navigation Cube lets you set up an additional area in your home for Mint to clean without having to move the Cube that came with Mint. Great for conveniently setting cleaning areas on a first and second floor, in a bedroom and living room on the same floor or even two ends of a large, open area.
To use with Mint, simply place the Room 2 Cube near the middle of a second area of your home you'd like to clean while leaving the Cube that comes with Mint in the first area. Mint will lock on to the nearest Cube. When Mint is done cleaning, simply move it to the other Cube and start it again to clean the second area. It's okay if the cleaning areas of the two Cubes overlap, as Mint will not transition from one area to the other while cleaning.

Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics is designed exclusively for sweeping and mopping hard surface floors for you. Using dry and pre-moistened cleaning cloths, Mint picks up the dust, dirt and pet hair that constantly accumulate on floors. Mint's compact design gets into tight spaces, under furniture and into other areas that are hard to reach with traditional mops and sweepers.

Guided by the NorthStar Navigation System cube, Mint tracks
where it cleans so it doesn't miss a spot (see larger image).
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Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200 – Refurbished

Mint sweeps and mops hard surface floors automatically, using popular dry and pre-moistened disposable cleaning cloths or re-usable microfiber cleaning cloths (included). Dry sweeping mode is ideal for picking up dust, dirt and hair. And Mint's special mopping motion gets deeper dirt and grime off your floors. Guided by the North Star Navigation System, Mint tracks where it cleans so it doesn't miss a spot. Mint starts by cleaning open areas, moving methodically back and forth across the floor. Mint detects and cleans around furniture and other obstacles as it encounters them. Mint then follows with a perimeter sweep along the edges of furniture and baseboards, then returns to where it started and parks itself. Smart sensors help Mint avoid area rugs and raised carpet transitions, detect areas that are too low to enter and avoid falling down stairs.

Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 5200

The Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics keeps dust, dirt and pet hair under control for you. Designed exclusively for hard surface floors, Mint Plus sweeps and mops using dry and pre-moistened cleaning cloths.

With features like the Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad and expanded cleaning area, Mint Plus can mop further and better than ever before. And with faster charging and longer run time, Mint Plus can cover more ground more often for everyday clean floors.
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Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner with Charging Cradle – Model 5200C

Keeping your floors clean is easier than ever with Mint Automatic Floor Cleaners. Just attach a dispossable cleaning cloth or the unique Reservoir Pad with a Pro-Clean microfiber cloth, set Mint down, press either the Sweep or Mop button and let it clean. After cleaning, simply dispose of the cleaning cloth or wash the included microfiber lcoths for use later. Mint includes a detachable Reservoir Pad that fills and empties easily over the sink. to use, pour in water or mild solution, close the fill cap, attach a damp Pro- Clean microfiber cloth and place the Reservoir Pad back on Mint. Mint Plus' NorthStar 2 Navigation System works lie an indoor GPS by projecting a signal that is uses to determine, and later map its location in your room plus extends how far Mint can clean in your home. With NorthStar2, simply place a Cube in the first area you'd like to clean and place additional Cubes set to different channels in other rooms or areas you would like Mint Plus to reach. Then, As Mint Plus finishes cleaning one room, it will travel from channel to channel thoroughly cleaning floors as it goes.