Aquabot Thunder G-Jet Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot Thunder G-Jet provides big cleaning power and unbeatable technology for a super small price! This Eco Friendly cleaner continues to save you money long after your purchase! By cutting down on filter operation and reducing back wash using the cleaner's internal 34 qt. filter bag, you save on water, electricity and chemicals! This easy to use and already assembled cleaner is powered by an internal pump that circulates water and redistributes chemicals while cleaning the walls and floor of most any pool up to 36 feet long in under 2 hours! The G-Jet is maintenance free and includes a 2 micron filter bag, fixed shut off timer, 50 foot floating cord, and a 10.5 inch wide cleaning path. 24v operation.

Aquabot Jr. Wall Scrubber Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot performance at a junior price! The Aquabot Jr. cleans your pool in a fraction of the time it takes other cleaners and has been designed to be a maintenance free, reliable cleaner. The self-contained cleaner has an internal pump, drive, and filtration system directed by a microprocessor and patented direction turning flotation device that cleans most any pool shape up to a 40 feet in length. The rotating scrubbing brushes release build up and break down debris that are then vacuumed in through the suction ports to ensure the healthiest swimming water possible in just 2 hours! The Aquabot Jr. features an auto shut-off, customized cleaning cycle, 50 ft. cord, and all-weather resistant 115v power supply. 24v operation.