Skimmer Motion – The Automatic Robot Suction Pool Cleaner

WHAT IS SKIMMER MOTION TM Skimmer Motion TM, is an automatic pool skimmer that uses no batteries or moving parts that wear out or break down, its moves along with your automatic pool cleaner APC, allowing it to clean your pool faster for your enjoyment. Take a closer look at your pool right now; do you see all those bugs and debris floating around all the time? That's the exact reason why we developed Skimmer MotionTM, so you can always enjoy the crystal clean water you deserve without all those unwanted "invitees" all over your face. Now, you'll always be able to swim with your children and friends in a completely safe environment, while the system collects all the unwanted and dangerous objects and send them into your pool's filtration system. Bigger leafs and debris will also be cleaned and collected by our patented "Crown" system inside the Skimmer Motion's nucleus. Sound too incredible? It is! And it reaches where no other pool cleaner can! You will be amazed how clean your pool will look! Skimmer MotionTM picks up all the bugs and debris BEFORE they reach the bottom of the pool. To use Skimmer MotionTM, you just need to attach it to any of the most popular Automatic Pool Cleaners (APC). They will work together harmoniously to bring you the cleanest pool you've seen at home. You can install the Skimmer MotionTM in minutes, and just let it do the job for you.