Shark Vac 110V & 24 VDC 50 ft. cord

Haywards SharkVACâ"¢ is the newest innovation to the TigerShark® family of Robotic pool cleaners. SharkVACâ"¢ incorporates two fine porosity filtration elements in a sleek floor-specific design. With its unique top access debris chamber and authentic filtration cartridge method, there is no need to turn the cleaner upside down (like all other Robotic cleaners) or hassle with cumbersome and messy bags. SharkVACâ"¢ is a robust Robotic pool cleaner that is gentle and compatible with all types of pool surfaces. Its scrubbing brush will even work away the most stubborn dirt. Designed with enhanced technologies, the SharkVACâ"¢ is one of the most economical pool cleaners to operate. The energy used by a standard light bulb is all that is needed to power this truly innovative pool cleaner.