Roomba iRobot RED Cordless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 4100

iRobot Roomba RED Cordless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Wouldn’t be nice to have a robot servant? It’s not science fiction anymore. Roomba is the first practical robot for your home. It vacuum cleans floors all by itself roaming through your room like a pet, sucking dirt and dust all along its path. There are no cords or wires. It simply runs on a rechargeable battery. Red is the Roomba that attracts. While all Roombas work hard and eliminate dirt, it’s Red that gets the stares. What’s more, behind the beautiful design is a vacuuming robot that does what Roombas do: it cleans. So…to help reduce the monotony of cleaning your floors, get a Roomba. It goes where no vacuum has gone before.