LV-Robot: Good Robot – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

*Specification : Materials: PS(PC), POM Input Voltage: 100-240V Output Voltage: 22V DC Voltage of battery : 14.4V Unit Average Power : 30-45W Suction power : 10-15 W Airflow : 100 dm3/m Dust capacity : 1L Battery Capacity : 1800/(2000mA) Above quotation base on 1800 Charge Time: 3-5 hrs Working time: 60–90 hour unit size: 32*32*9 cm *Character: 1: Intelligent scan system: calculate the cleaning time for the whole room. Remember the uncleaning area. 2. Dirt detection function: research the dirt area, prolong the cleaning time and add its cleaning strength. 3?Preset cleaning time: easily operated on robot. 4: LED display and indicator instruction 5:Multi-modes for cleaning a. Auto cleaning mode: maximum cleaning coverage b. Spot cleaning mode: partial cleaning, c. cleaning along the walls or furniture d. Precise cleaning mode 6: Low noise: < 50dB 7: Flexible side brush 8: 1L Large Capacity Dustbin-1L 9: Virtual Wall 10: Self-charging Function 11: Mini Body 12: Anti-falling(prevent from falling effectively once the head drop is more than 8CM)? 13?Remote control 14: UV light 15: Disposable bag for the dustbin (not free of charge). 16: Fragrance (optional smell, not free of charge) works on carpet, hardwood, linoleum & tile. Easily slide out the bag-less particle bin to discard the dirt that it picked up. Remote Controller can operate the work in different directions Auto charge: If the battery is about to be run out, the cleaner will automatically stop and seek charging base plate for charging *Main accessories: Virtual wall unit x1,Batteries Charger x1,Clean brush x1 Charging base plate x1,Side Brush x2,Rechargeable Battery Pack x1;Remote Controller x1