DuraMax Trio Robotic Pool Cleaner

The DuraMax Trio robotic pool cleaner is one of the most powerful and fastest commercial cleaners on the market! Will accommodate pools up to 250 feet long. This cleaner will filter an impressive 18,000 GPH. Unit is programmable with an optional 1 hour auto-start delay. The DuraMax Trio is equipped with a floating 150 foot cord, and includes a 4-directional wireless remote control. Cleaner comes with Caddy Cart.

DuraMax Robotic Pool Cleaner

This robotic pool cleaner is specifically designed for pools up to 80 feet long and will work on any pool surface. It can filter a maximum of 6,000 GPH and also features a reusable filter. Their patented Arc Radius floor-turning feature allows up to 30% greater efficiency. The DuraMax comes with a 120 ft. floating cord, remote control, Caddy Cart and will work with VGB covers.

DuraMax Duo Robotic Pool Cleaner

The DuraMax Duo robotic pool cleaner features power-washing, hydro-scrubbing jets to help keep your pool crystal clean. Will service a pool up to 150 feet long. Like all DuraMax cleaners, this will work on any pool surface with outstanding results. Cleaner will circulate a maximum of 12,000 GPH and comes with a 4-directional wireless remote control. Cleaner is equipped with a 120 ft. floating cord. Also includes Caddy Cart.

Aquamax Automatic Pool Cleaner


Specifically designed for commercial recreational pools (45-75 ft./15-25m pool length). It includes a self-contained filter that cleans particles as small as 2 microns. The Aquamax automatic pool cleaner efficiently cleans pool walls, waterlines, floors and most stairs. This cleaner pays for itself by reducing labor costs and chemical usage! Cleans 7500 sq. ft. per hour and filters 5100 gallons per hour. Includes 120 ft. floating cord.

Aqua Products AMUXJR UltraMax Jr. Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner and UltraKart Jr. Carrier

Aqua Products builds the only commercial pool cleaners which clean your pool three ways.Ê First, an Aqua Products cleaner scrubs pool surface with its rotating power brushes to loosen debris. Next, the dirt is vacuumed into the body of the cleaner by its internal vacuum pump. Finally, the water is microfiltered by the AquaMax or UltraMax on-board filtration system and is returned directly to the pool. Operating on only 24 volts, Aqua Products™ commercial cleaners are safe and economical. The UltraMAX series is the most technologically advanced and easy-to-use commercial pool cleaner available on the market.Ê It is a durable wide-body cleaner designed with input from pool maintenance personnel. Simply put the UltraMAX in the pool (no hoist required) and turn it on. You can use the wireless remote control to spot clean your pool or let the onboard computer guide the UltraMAX. The UltraMAX JUNIOR is a slightly smaller version and features an onboard filtration system that filters over 9,000 gallons of water per hour. Radio remote control included enables the operator to divert unit from its pre-programmed cleaning path. As with the AquaMax, the UltraMAX is equipped with a heavy-duty pump and drive motor to clean all sizes, shapes, and type of commercial pools including gunite, vinyl, tile, concrete, and fiberglass. The UltraMAX JUNIOR is designed for large commercial pools over 80™. Its built-in heavy-duty filtration system cleans and purifies 8,500 gallons per hour. This automatic pool cleaner cleans up to 9,000 sq. ft. per hour. Comes with 120' of power cord, 24-volt power source, and an extra set of brushes, belts, and filter bag.

Aqau Products Duramax Commercial Pool Vacuum

The most durable automatic cleaner for pools up to 80 feet long. Its high-filtration vacuum power and large filter capacity are surrounded by a new large body design focused on maximum durability, quicker cleaning and agility. Factory programmed to automatically vacuum and scrub the pool floor and waterline with onboard Brushes, self-contained Filter Bag, Pump and Drive Motor. Dual-direction Radio Remote Control for Radius-Turn spot-cleaning. User can add a 1 hour cleaning cycle delay. Stay-Cool Power Supply with low voltage transformer and Radio remote Control included. Digital Display to adjust the cycle for 1-7 hours or Continuous Run. 2 year warranty. Included Equipment ?DuraMAX cleaner – Weighs 30 lbs / 120 foot Cable Assembly / ETL certified. ?Stay-Cool Power Supply – 3-Pin Male Socket / ON/OFF switch / Digital Display Low Voltage / 3-prong plug for standard 110 Volt GFI outlet / ETL certified. ?UltraKart Jr. – Durable caddy for easily transporting the cleaner and its equipment. ?Radio Remote Control – 2 Button remote control: FORWARD / BACKWARD button for reversing direction. TURN button for radius-turn spot cleaning. ?DeepCleanTM Super Brushes – designed for any pool surface, even smooth surfaces like Tile, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Steel, Epoxy or Painted concrete. ?Beach Boy Air Sensor – Detects Zero-Depth water level like Beach Entry pools.