Parallax Scribbler Robot

Perfect for beginners age eight and up, this reprogrammable robot comes fully assembled including a built-in BASIC StampĀ® 2 microcontroller brain. It arrives pre-programmed with eight demo modes, including light-seeking, object detection, object avoidance, line-following, and more. Place a marker in its Pen Port and the Scribbler draws as it drives. Write your own programs in two formats: graphically with the Scribbler Program Maker GUI software, or as PBASIC text with the BASIC Stamp Editor. For the full Scribbler story, visit our Scribbler Information Pages. Both software packages, programming guides, and many other resources are included on the Scribbler CD-ROM. Your programs can interface with these Scribbler components: 3 photoresistor light sensors 2 Infrared object sensors 2 Infrared line detection sensors 2 independent DC motors Stall sensor Speaker with full range of notes 3 LED indicator lights The Scribbler Robot kit includes: Fully assembled Scribbler Robot Programming Cable (serial) The Scribbler Robot Start-up Guide Scribbler Software and Documentation CD-ROM Requires 6 AA alkaline, standard or NiMH batteries, not included. Programming the Scribbler requires a PC running Windows 2000/XP/Vista with an available serial port OR a USB port with a USB to Serial (RS-232) Adapter.