Moneual MR6550 Rydis Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Dry Mop Cleaner

Moneual rydis mr6550 is an advanced robot cleaner that can both vacuum and dry mop as the user choose to. with numerous advances incorporated in the engineering and design qualities in areas of vacuum motor, lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery, motion play, sophisticated algorithm, numerous sensors to enable soft bumps, smart cleaning modes, hepa filter and etc. a practical and efficient robot powerful suction, affordable price, stylish design. high-performance bldc motor-cleaning capability is maximized through use of the powerful bldc suction motor. the bldc motor has a 20 to 30 percent stronger output than that of a regular dc motor of the same class and also has the lifetime of approximately 5000 hours which is 10 times longer than that of a standard dc motor. various cleaning modes-the mr6500 provides the most suitable cleaning function and performance for a variety of cleaning environments through several different cleaning modes. shadow cleaning mode-shadow cleaning mod.