Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner with Charging Cradle – Model 5200C

Keeping your floors clean is easier than ever with Mint Automatic Floor Cleaners. Just attach a dispossable cleaning cloth or the unique Reservoir Pad with a Pro-Clean microfiber cloth, set Mint down, press either the Sweep or Mop button and let it clean. After cleaning, simply dispose of the cleaning cloth or wash the included microfiber lcoths for use later. Mint includes a detachable Reservoir Pad that fills and empties easily over the sink. to use, pour in water or mild solution, close the fill cap, attach a damp Pro- Clean microfiber cloth and place the Reservoir Pad back on Mint. Mint Plus' NorthStar 2 Navigation System works lie an indoor GPS by projecting a signal that is uses to determine, and later map its location in your room plus extends how far Mint can clean in your home. With NorthStar2, simply place a Cube in the first area you'd like to clean and place additional Cubes set to different channels in other rooms or areas you would like Mint Plus to reach. Then, As Mint Plus finishes cleaning one room, it will travel from channel to channel thoroughly cleaning floors as it goes.