Irobot® Roomba® 585 Vacuum Cleaning Robot with AeroVac Technology

The automatic vacuum-cleaning robot iRobot Roomba 585 cleans regularly and you have time for more important things. With its counter-rotating brushes it thoroughly cleans and changes automatically from floor to carpet. Roomba starts by pressing a button or can be preprogrammed for his dedication and drive automatically returns to its charging station. Two included Virtual Lighthouses direct the robot and allow it only in the next room when the previous one is completely vacuumed. The beacons can be used either as a virtual walls for permanent taboos. By remote control, the robot can be activated and controlled. Product Features / Benefits: ? Vacuums automatically and thoroughly with counter-rotating brushes and a powerful naturally aspirated engine – even in your absence ? 7 hours per week can be pre-programmed ? Can be activated by remote control and steer ? Identifies the room, navigates around all obstacles ? Automatically returns to its charging station for charging ? Detects prevented with its sensors and the abyss crash ? Running with Virtual lighthouses controlled from room to room ? Recommended for 4 rooms (850 sq. ft) ? Vacuums due to flat design under almost all sofas, wardrobes and beds ? Adjusts automatically to different substrates ? Calculates his way across the room more than 60 times per second ? Rotating side brush cleans corners and baseboards ? Dirt sensors detect more polluted sites ? Easy to use – Clean press' and Roomba does the rest ? Roomba is not caught in cords and carpet tassels ? dust, pollen and pet dander are captured reliably in the bagless dirt and dust container ? Equipped with an additional brush set, an extra filtering and cleaning tool For more information: Product Size: ø 13 x 3.5 in Product weight: 7.9 lbs Package dimensions: 17.5 x 21 x 5 in Package Weight: 14.5 lbs iRobot Article number: 13919 EAN: 5060155406831