GPK Battery for Irobot Roomba

Product Features- Generic Roomba Battery, Fits 400 Discovery Series, Create Models, and Irobot Dirt Dog Series robotic vacuum cleaners.- Comparable to iRobot Roomba Advance Power System (APS) model 4905.- Up to 185 minutes run time- Measures 179mm x 51mm x 52mm (7" x 2.2" x 2.3" inches) in size- 14.4 Volt, 2,5Ah Capacity, NiMH battery.Product DescriptionThis is a replacement generic iRobot Discovery series NiMH battery. The maker of these batteries are in fact the same maker of the genuine iRobot batteries, and come off of the same assembly line as the genuine, more expensive iRobot name brand batteries. This fast charging 14.4 Volt battery has up to 185 minutes of run time in charge. GoVacuum offers 100% Money Back Guarantee on Fit and quality of replacement Roomba batteries. This battery will fit iRobot Discovery Series models including iRobot Roomba Red, iRobot Roomba Sage, and iRobot Roomba Discovery robots, as well as the iRobot Dirt Dog model. Also fits iRobot Create models.