Dolphin Supreme M 5

Dolphin Supreme M5 Cleans pool floor, cove, walls and scrubs the waterline Recommended for in-ground residential pools up to 50 ft. in length The Dolphin M5 absolutely sets the standards for robotic pool cleaners. Dolphin Exclusive Features: Weekly timer — preset cleaning cycles throughout the week! to clean the filter Delayed start feature allows debris to settle for easy removal Remote controllable — manual navigation and cycle options Dual drive motors and split brushes for incredible maneuverability Patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling Incredibly efficient – costs less than 15 cents to clean the pool. In-store repairable right at your local Dolphin retailer! More: Scrubs, vacuums and filters all pool surfaces in just 3 hours. Large self-contained inner filter bag, collects dirt, debris and even dust particles. Plug-n-play! No pre-installation needed, no connections to pool system. Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning. 18 month warranty – spare parts and labor. M5 Specifications: Cycle time: 2,3,4 hours Cable length: 60 ft. Filter: Fine porosity Suction rate: 4,233 gal (USA) per hour Unit weight 60 lb