iRobotR Roomba Model 581 Floor Robotic Vacuum

BSS – iRobotR Roomba Model 581 Floor Robotic Vacuum
RoombaR 581 systematically cleans four rooms on a single charge, gets into hard-to-reach areas like wall edges and beneath furniture, avoids stairs and other drop offs and automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and back again.

Each Virtual WallR LighthouseT (3 included) confines RoombaR to one room until the entire floor is vacuumed before RoombaR moves on to the next room.

Standard FeaturesAdjusts from carpets to hard floors and back againDetects dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning themSpot Clean provides quick clean-up of spills and concentrated messesSenses and avoids stairs and other drop-offsReturns to its self-charging Home BaseT to dock and recharge between cleaningsThe side brush makes RoombaR even more efficient at cleaning edges and cornersWon't get tangled on cords and tassels

Advanced FeaturesVirtual WallR LighthousesT – Create invisible barriers that block RoombaR from entering off-limit areas or direct RoombaR to completely vacuum one room before sending it to the next roomOn-board scheduling – Preset up to seven cleaning times per week when it's most convenient for youWireless Command Centre – Steer and control RoombaR from across the room. You can also use it to schedule RoombaR to clean at pre-set times

What's in the Box:1 iRobotR RoombaR 5811 rechargeable battery1 power supply (3 hour charge time)1 self-charging Home BaseT3 Virtual WallR Lighthouses (each requires 2 C batteries, not included)1 Wireless Command Center (requires 4 AA batteries, not included)1 extra filter1 beater brush1 bristle brush1 side brush1 brush cleaning tool