Aquamax Bi-Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Aquamax Bi-Turbo is an automatic pool cleaner for commercial pools. Operating independently of the main pool filter, the AquaMx Bi-Turbo works with no hoses, hook-ups, booster pumps or suction lines. Just place it in the water, plug it in and push a button. The pool gets cleaned…AUTOMATICALLY! Utilizing a highly-efficient, reusable filter bag and power-driven scrubbing brushes, The Aquamax Bi-Turbo is capable of filtering unwanted debris as small as 2 microns in size, yet still allow up to 4,800 gallons of water to flow through per hour. Small debris, such as sand, silt, hair, metal particles, bacteria and most algae as well as large debris such as acorns, twigs and leaves are all quickly and permanently removed, leaving you with a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful pool! Filters 9,800 gallons per hour. It is recommended for pools 75-feet and up and comes with a 120-foot cord.