Aquabot Automatic In Ground Pool Cleaner

Best Value on the Web!LIMITED TIME: FREE FedEx Shipping! LEADING ONLINE SELLER of the Aquabot Pool Cleaner!WHY? See for yourself ! LOWEST PRICE on the Web!FREE 1 Year Warranty!FREE Pump & Microfiltration Bag!FREE FedEx Shipping!Designed with you in mind, the Aquabot Pool Cleaner offers you the conveniece of complete pool cleaning – floor to waterline and everywhere in between – at the mere touch of a button. Aquabot cuts your total pool maintenance bills (chlorine, electricity, water, etc.) by up to 50%, and helps your wallet further, and the environment, by saving thousands of gallons of chlorinated water by reducing evaporation and main pool filter cleanings / back washings by as much as 80%. Having its own built in motors and filtration system, Aquabot is a moving filtration system operating completely independent of the pool's filtration syste, This eliminates the need for sloppy, tangling hoses and costly to operate booster pumps. Aquabot decreases main pool filter operation time and wear and tear by as much as 60%, saving you up to $2,000 on energy bills every year. The days of costly annual epairs are over as Aquabot is engineered for reliable, worry-free operation. In fact, replacement costs of its main components, such as the drive or pump motors are as little as 1/2 than non-Aquabot brands. Take a tour of Aquabots great features below!Features and Included FREE!UNPARALLELED VERSATILITY!The Aquabot In-Ground Pool Cleaner can tackle all kinds of things dirtying your pool. Whether Algae, Dirt, or Large Debri, this pool cleaner can handle it with ease and efficiency. The Aquabot is so versatile in fact, it can operate successfully in all types of pool surfaces including, Vinyl, Gunite, Concrete, Fiberglass with sizes up to 40 feet in just 4-5 hours!IT SCRUBS!Front and rear rotating scrubbing brushes, powered by Aquabot's internal drive motor, loosen heavy dirt and fine particles to be vacuumed and trapped in the microfilter bag.