Aquabot ABTTRC Turbo TRC Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner with Remote Control

NE345 Features: -Pool cleaner.-Material: Plastic.-All the fast clearing capability of the Aquabot Turbo-T with the addition of remote control for spot cleaning.-Remote control feature provides for radius turning and precise forward and reverse movements.-Allow you to direct the Turbo-T to any area in the pool that needs additional cleaning.-Guide the unit to pick up leaves and debris when a complete cleaning isn't necessary.-Unit incorporates all the benefit of the Aquabot Turbo-T and adds remote control.-Spotlessly cleans your pool in only 1 hour.-Comes complete with cleaner, 61' of cord, transformer and RC controller.-New roller style eliminates main-drain sticking.-Automatic shut-off.-Catches all debris in own filter bag.-UL Listed. Color/Finish: -Color: Blue. Warranty: -3 Year warranty.