Aqua Products Aquabot Turbo T2

NE342 Features: -Pool cleaner.-Material: Plastic.-Drop the robotic dynamo in your pool and it will be spotlessly cleaned in only 1 hour.-Automatically shuts itself off after its 1 hour cleaning cycle is complete.-Runs on its own low voltage power source.-Entirely safe to use.-Self contained onboard filtration system not only cleans your pool, but filters your pool water at the same time.-Up to 5000 gallons in 1 hour.-Needs no bulky hoses and since it catches all of the dirt and debris it vacuums.-Will not clog up or slow down your pool's filtration system.-Unit's own internal microprocessor guides around your pool to systematically clean it from waterline to deep end.-Clean any pool up to 50' in length in 1 hour or less.-Rotating brushes loosen up waterline debris.-Patented power washing jets blast away dirt and debris that even slower cleaners miss.-New roller style eliminates main drain sticking.-All debris is sucked up through suction ports and deposited in the unit's big 23Q filtration bag.-Reusable bag catches rocks, coins, hair, fine dirt, microorganisms and even algae.-Filter bag catches smaller debris than most pools filtration systems.-Cleans your pool fast as it purifies your pools water.-Comes complete with the head, 61' of cord and transformer.-Manufactured by the leading maker of robotic pool cleaners.-UL listed. Color/Finish: -Color: White. Warranty: -4 Year warranty.