Aqua Products AMX AquaMAX Robotic Commercial Pool Cleaner with UltraKart Junior Carrier

The World's Most Popular Commercial Pool Cleaner, the Aquamax is the standard in commercial pool cleaners. Only a few years after Aqua Products, Inc., introduced the first robotic cleaner that could micro-filter a pool, it began to build the largest fleet of commercial cleaners. They simply "Do it all." Like all commercial cleaners, the Aquamax provides full pool coverage, INCLUDING WALLS. It gobbles up algae, dirt and even large debris from the pool's surfaces and vacuums everything into its built-in, easy-to-clean, reusable micro-filter bag. The Original AquaMax is the WorldÕs Best Selling Cleaner!Ê The AquaMax is equipped with a heavy-duty pump and drive motor to clean all sizes, shapes, and type of commercial pools including gunite, vinyl, tile, concrete, and fiberglass. It comes equipped with a step-down transformer that may be plugged into any standard 110-volt grounded outlet. Operating costs on average is 2 cents per hour! The AquaMax is fully automatic and requires no supervision. Its built-in heavy-duty filtration system cleans and purifies 5,100 gallons per hour. Ideal for pools up to 45' wide and 75'/25M long such as clubs, resorts, larger hotels, and YMCA's. This automatic pool cleaner cleans up to 7,500 sq. ft. per hour. Cleaning time is spent 90% on bottom, 10% on walls. Comes with 120 foot cable, 24-volt power source, and an extra set of brushes, belts, and filter bag.AquaMax is durable and built to last and is virtually Maintenance-Free. Just change the brushes and drive belts every few years and treat it like a member of the family, and it will provide years of trouble-free service.