Aqua Products AMUXJR UltraMax Jr. Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner and UltraKart Jr. Carrier

Aqua Products builds the only commercial pool cleaners which clean your pool three ways.Ê First, an Aqua Products cleaner scrubs pool surface with its rotating power brushes to loosen debris. Next, the dirt is vacuumed into the body of the cleaner by its internal vacuum pump. Finally, the water is microfiltered by the AquaMax or UltraMax on-board filtration system and is returned directly to the pool. Operating on only 24 volts, Aqua Products™ commercial cleaners are safe and economical. The UltraMAX series is the most technologically advanced and easy-to-use commercial pool cleaner available on the market.Ê It is a durable wide-body cleaner designed with input from pool maintenance personnel. Simply put the UltraMAX in the pool (no hoist required) and turn it on. You can use the wireless remote control to spot clean your pool or let the onboard computer guide the UltraMAX. The UltraMAX JUNIOR is a slightly smaller version and features an onboard filtration system that filters over 9,000 gallons of water per hour. Radio remote control included enables the operator to divert unit from its pre-programmed cleaning path. As with the AquaMax, the UltraMAX is equipped with a heavy-duty pump and drive motor to clean all sizes, shapes, and type of commercial pools including gunite, vinyl, tile, concrete, and fiberglass. The UltraMAX JUNIOR is designed for large commercial pools over 80™. Its built-in heavy-duty filtration system cleans and purifies 8,500 gallons per hour. This automatic pool cleaner cleans up to 9,000 sq. ft. per hour. Comes with 120' of power cord, 24-volt power source, and an extra set of brushes, belts, and filter bag.